Aussie Rules European Championship


Name: John Enright

Age: 33

Country: originally from Ballylongford in Kerry, now living in Kilmeague,Naas, Kildare

Occupation: Senior Programmer with an Online training company

Club: Dublin Demons - Aussie Rules, Ballyteague GAA

Position: Midfield/forward

Caps: 32

Achievements (Club/Country): International Cup 2011, European Championships 2010, EuroCup 2012, ARFLI Premiership 2008/2009

Favourite team: Sydney

Favourite player: Nick Malcheski

When did you start playing? : Started playing while living in Canada in 2003

Why do you play Aussie rules football? Love the physical side of the game and the opportunities it gives for us to travel around the world playing games

What other sports do you play and how do they compare to Aussie rules? Gaelic and Rugby - the skill of Gaelic along with the physicality of rugby give a good combination that is aussie rules.

How do you prepare for a big match? Treat it the same as any other game - don't get worked up - have the same normal routines - plenty of water, rest and relaxation
How do you celebrate a big win? Usually find a quite corner to reflect and then celebrate with the team

What are your personal goals for the tournament? Do my selfy proud - score a few goals, bring other players into the game and win the tournament

Tell us something interesting about Aussie rules in your country? We can recruit a good player easily enough from GAA but at the same time that same player will always choose his gaa club over aussie rules.

What team are you looking forward to playing and why? Aways love playing against Croatia - really nice lads, tough footy and great physicality

Who do you think will win the tournament? Ireland of course.