Championship - Novice 2012


Novice Football Championship 2012 



2012 Novice Championships Final 

 Listowel Emmets C 1.11 St Senans C 0.09

Sunday 14th April 2013 at 2pm

 Denis Dowling Park Coolard

After Extra Time

 This game was played last Sunday in Coolard with good underfoot conditions, but the wind had a big impact on the game. With the wind blowing hard into the dressing room end of the pitch it was always going to be a game of two halves, in the first half Listowel had many attacks but could not register a score on the board, with Mike Dalton Emmets goal keeper playing the game of his youth pulling of two saves which were certain goals. St Senan's on the other hand played with the breeze and notched up 5pts, 4 points from frees converted by Alan Doran and a long distance point from Luke Lynch from play. Second half of normal time and the Emmets men with the advance of the breeze pointed in the first 3rd minute from Kieran Sullivan, St Senan's missed an awarded free in the 4th minute and in quick reply Emmets Mickey Kennelly pointed in the 6th minute, with Emmets on the attack there were attacks which hit the crossbar and twice hit the uprights, between the 11th minute and 21st minutes Emmets Mickey Kennelly and Kieran Sullivan a point a peice, mid feilder Tom Walsh kicked a long range ball into the corner of the Senan's net in the 17th minute and last point came from the boot of Sean Carey. Senan's in the other hand converted three free's from the boot of Alan Doran to bring the game to extra time full time Senan's 0.08 - Emmets 1.05

Extra time and these teams cannot be seperated as this game was a replay, but Emmet's playing with the aid of the breeze got on the scoreboard first in the 2nd minute a point from Mickey Kennelly, again Mickey Kennelly pointed in the 4th minute, in the 6th minute a free awarded to St Senan's was missed. But the Emmet's men again point from a fisted point from Sean Carey in the 8th minute. And again vetern Mickey Kennelly Emmet's pointed to bring the half time score Emmets 1.09 - St Senan's 0.08

Second half of extra time and with the aid of the wind we waited for the Senan's come back but the Emmets men were the one's to hold control scoring a further 2points to Senan's one converted free. Full time Score Emmets 1.11 - 0.09
Teams: St Senan's Connor Keane (C), David Hogan, J.P Quilter,Gerald OConnell, Alan Kelly, Luke Ward, Paudie Whelan, Timmy OSullivan, Owen OConnell, Adrain Fitzmaurice, Alan Doran, Luke Lynch, Micheal Lynch, Muris Stack, Eammon Walsh, subs Mike Behan for Eammon Walsh, Tom Morney for Alan Kelly. Listowel Team: Mike Dalton, Shane Drisscoll, Billy McEilligot (C), Liam Collins, Bryan Greaney, Darragh Brodrick, Darren Chute, Tom Walsh, Pa Galvin, Darragh Leahy, Mickey Kennelly, David Keane, Kieran Sullivan, Sean Carey, Charlie OBrien, subs Michael OConnor for Tom Walsh, Jack Hartnett for Shane Driscoll.

Ref Eamon Moran Ballydonoghue



 2012 Novice Championships Final

 Listowel Emmets C 2.07 St Senans C 2.07

Sunday 3rd March 2013

 Denis Dowling Park Coolard



2012 Novice Championships Semi Final
Sunday February 24th E/T
Clounmacon B 1.04 St Senans C 1.08 in Clounmacon 12 Noon
Report by Mairead OSullivan
This game was played last Sunday in Clounmacon with referee Gerdi Carroll Asdee overseeing proceedings. It was Clounmacon of the mark first with a point in the 3rd minute from John Carroll, In quick reply Senan's Alan Doran spilt the posts in the 4th minute. It was Clounmacon who went on the attack with mid feild and breaking ball going there way attack after attack with no return on their hard work. In the 8th minute Clounmacon were awarded a plenty which was driven wide. But in the 10th minute Senans gained possession and again Alan Doran split the posts, when the Senans forwards were in possession they were accurate between the posts. It took until the 19th minute for the next score which came from the boot of Micheal Lynch Senans. In reply Clounmacons John Carroll split the posts in the 20th minute. Again Lynch (Senan's) pop one over the bar in the 26th minute for the last score of the half. Clounmacon may rue their missed changes with most of the possession but a missed plenty and 8 wides it was the Senan's forwards who were the happier going in at half time. Senans 0.4 - Clounmacon 0.08
The second half started and this time it was the Senan's men who took control. With a well taken point in the 3rd minute from Thomas Moroney, A 13 meter free award to Senan's was drove to the right hand top corner of the net for a goal in the 7th minute by Michéal Lynch. Again Lynch spilt the posts in the 13th minute, in the 18th minute Senan's Timmy Quinlan pointed. Clounmacon just couldnt make a score count on the scoreboard. When again in the 19th minute Senan's went on the attack, where they were awarded a free converted by Micheal Lynch, that was to be the last score for Senan's. With the next kick out won from breaking ball by Clounmacons Timmy Kelly who drove up the centre of the feild from wing back, laid the ball of to Mickey Canavan who drove the ball to the back of the Senan's net in the 22nd minute.
Again Clounmacon won the kick out drove at Senan's were fouled and a free converted by sub Pip Carroll in the 27th minute brought the deficit back to four points. Again Clounmacon went on the attack with a goal chance on the ball was snuffed out by Senan's wing back Alan Kelly only to be brought down the other end of the field to be collected by Clounmacon wing back Timmy Kelly,( father of Alan Kelly Senan's) drove up the feild and drove wide, time was up and final whistle blew full time score St Senan's 1.08 - Clounmacon 1.04
Senan's Team, Connor Keane (C), Mike Behan, Eammon Walsh, Alan Doran, Muris Stack, Micheal Lynch, Alan Kelly, Timmy Quinlan, Owen OConnell, Luke Lynch, Adrain Fitzmaurice, Tomas Morney, Thomas Thorton.
Clounmacon: Tom Sheehy, John Walsh, Jack Nolan, Aidian Carey, Timmy Kelly, Des Daly, Keith Brown, Tommy Walsh, Mickey Canavan, John OCarroll, John McDaid (C), Mike Collins, Willam Nolan. subs Tom Barry for William Nolan, Pip Carroll for John Mc Daid, Liam Hefferan for Mike Collins.


Listowel Emmets C Receive walkover from Brosna B

In Denis Dowling Pk Coolard at 12 Noon